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Dietary- and host-derived metabolites are used by diverse gut bacteria for anaerobic respiration.  Little AS, Younker IT, Schechter MS, Bernardino PN, Méheust R, Stemczynski J, Scorza K, Mullowney MW, Sharan D, Waligurski E, Smith R, Ramanswamy R, Leiter W, Moran D, McMillin M, Odenwald MA, Iavarone AT, Sidebottom AM, Sundararajan A, Pamer EG, Eren AM, Light SH.Nat Microbiol. 2024 Jan

Distinct energy-coupling factor transporter subunits enable flavin acquisition and extracytosolic trafficking for extracellular electron transfer in Listeria monocytogenes. Rivera-Lugo R, Huang S, Lee F, Méheust R, Iavarone AT, Sidebottom AM, Oldfield E, Portnoy DA, Light SH. mBio. 2023.

Listeria monocytogenes requires cellular respiration for NAD+ regeneration and pathogenesis. Rivera-Lugo R,* Deng D,* Anaya-Sanchez A, Tejedor-Sanz S, Tang E, Reyes Ruiz V, Smith HB, Titov DV, Sauer J-D, Skaar EP, Ajo-Franklin CM, Portnoy DA, Light SH. eLife. 2022. (*Co-authors)

Post-translational flavinylation is associated with diverse extracytosolic redox functionalities throughout bacterial life. Méheust R,* Huang S,* Rivera-Lugo R, Banfield JF, Light SH. eLife. 2021. (*Co-authors)

Select pre-UChicago publications

Extracellular electron transfer powers flavinylated extracellular reductases in Gram-positive bacteria. Light SH, Méheust R, Ferrell JL, Cho J, Deng D, Agostoni M, Iavarone AT, Banfield JF, D’Orazio SEF, Portnoy DA. PNAS. 2019.

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Structure to function of an α-glucan metabolic pathway that promotes Listeria monocytogenes pathogenesis.  Light SH, Cahoon LA, Halavaty AS, Freitag NE, Anderson WF. Nature Microbiology. 2016.